What can I do on the trip that’s included in the price?

You can do everything listed on the website, and of course without any extra charges. Swim, tube, sightsee, cliff jump etc. time permitting of course. We require everyone coming on board to sign a Liability Waiver prior to departure. (Adults will fill out and sign for those under 18).

Can I bring my dog or any pets?

Sadly no. We do not allow pets of any size or type on the boats.

What is the average length of a tour that people schedule?

In the summer the most popular tour length is either 2 or 3 hours. It will allow you to do swimming, cliff jumping, and tubing with a small group under 5 people, but with a larger group you may want the 3 hour option. More people require more time, especially for tubing. In the spring and fall the average sightseeing tour is 2 hours.

What can I bring on board?

Feel free to bring food and your choice of beverages on the boat. Alcohol is permitted for persons over 21. Should you bring alcohol on board please limit your intake so as not to cause you or anyone else harm.

Do you have life jackets?

Yes, we have plenty of life jackets. The boat is a fully licensed, insured and inspected public vessel (PV).

We are required by the State of NY to have PF 1 jackets for all on board. Please let us know if you have infants or very young children. We have additional vest life jackets for tubing and swimming and will supply accordingly.

Can I cancel my appointment?

Yes, please see the cancellation policy on the website. If weather is a problem on the day of your tour, the Captain or staff will be in touch with you and the Captain will make the final decision. (We are not interested in going out during complete rainy days either). Many times, there may be a brief shower in one part of the lake and not the other. We do our best to avoid those rainy situations. Priority is given in rescheduling if possible, in case your trip is cancelled.

Can I pay cash?

Yes, you may replace your credit card payment with cash on the day of your trip. We will then issue a credit on the credit card.

Should I tip the Captain?

You do not have to tip the Captain, but he works hard to ensure you have a 5 star trip, a remarkable experience and the highlight of your visit to Lake George. Tips are always appreciated and accepted based on your satisfaction.

Where do you go on the tour?

The lake is 32 miles long. The midpoint of the lake, called the Narrows, is the favorite spot for most tours. It is not far from the town of Bolton landing and the famous Sagamore hotel. Should you decide you would like to cliff jump, that’s where the cliffs and islands are. There are also many private coves and areas the Captain goes to for your trip based on your needs and interests.

Can you pick up at other motels on the lake?

We pick up at:

The Flamingo Resort, 3914 Lake Shore Drive, Diamond Point, NY 12824

And also, for Registered Guests only at The Sagamore, 110 Sagamore Road, Bolton Landing, NY 12814

Is there a minimum age/ How many can go on the boat?

There is no minimum age. We have had infants as young as 6 months on the boat. We have life jackets that will fit less than 20 lbs. but feel free to bring your own as well. We cannot exceed 10 customers on the boat as per regulations, infants and younger children are all included in the passenger count. Sorry- no exceptions.

How high are the cliffs?

We have a couple of choices for cliff jumping. The most popular cliffs are in the Dollar Islands. These islands are state owned. They are located at the north end of the Glen Island Group and are at the farthest point up the lake we will tour on your trip. The height is approx. 12-16’.

Directly east of Dollar Island is Paradise Bay. A great spot for swimming. The bay also has an 8 ft. rock for younger kids and adults to jump off.

As mentioned above, we will ask everyone to sign a Liability Waiver before departure. All guests who cliff jump will do so at their own risk.

What should I bring?

Sunscreen, light jackets or sweaters, towels, and any desired food, beverages or alcohol. Hats are recommended, but make sure it doesn’t fly off once the boat gets going.

How dangerous is tubing?

The tubes we use hold up to 2 people. We have had 3-year olds with an adult, in the tube, as well as adults above 80 years old. We can go as fast or as slow as you would like. Some people want the excitement of a faster trip with more waves and bounces, while others want a nice relaxing tube ride. We are very concerned with your safety and the Captain will do his best to accommodate your wishes, the goal is to always be safe and the Captain has the final say.

Where do you suggest to stay while visiting Lake George?

For those looking for a great family atmosphere, the Flamingo Resort is a fantastic choice and where ADK Boat Tours also picks up guests.

Our NYS Certified Captains and Public Vessels are fully licensed, inspected and insured.